We just moved to an area that is at least one hour away from the nearest preschool. What can I do to help teach my child? Will she be at a disadvantage when she enter kindergarten?


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Hi there,

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways you can help your child learn and prepare them for preschool. (see my list below) - Take them to the library at least once a week for story time and to check out a book - Are there any groups that your child can participate with around your home? Remember playing is learning too! - Give them time to explore with things like playdough, and legos. Have them create something and discuss - Make sure time is allotted for coloring and other hand-eye coordination to reflect writing practice. - Create a set of flashcards for letters, words and numbers. Once they know the letters, move on to creating words like "big" - Use lots of pictures to help students learn about bigger words such as couch and the seasons - Find ways to discuss other relevant topics such as hot and cold, big and small. - Continue to teach manners, respect and patience - Find them a desk or area where they learn to sit and place their items there - Create centers for them on the carpet area. - Most importantly - try to set up a routine for your child that will minimic school. For example, if you want to take mornings for reading and math time, use it on a regular basis to review and teach.

Good luck!

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