Describe the type of student who should attend University of Arizona. Why?



The first thing is that any prospective student has to be a litlle adventurous. Tucson is a different city. It's unlike any other city in the state or in the country, for that matter. Most people tend to be liberally minded, and so any student who attends here has to be okay with that. There's quite a bit of partying. It's nice that you are close to a lot of break destinations here in the southwest.


The University of Arizona offers something for everyone. They have excellent science, engineering, and liberal arts departments. They also have numerous scholarships, if finances are an issue, and top notch collegium sports, if that is your passion. They have just as many programs as there are types of students.

However, there is one quality that would benefit all types of students at the University of Arizona: heat tolerance. The school is enormous so walking or riding a bike is a daily must. There is little shade and sometimes temperatures go up to 118 degrees. I am from Pennsylvania and have been here a year. The winters are wonderful but the summers are brutal.

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The common misconception that most people have of The University of Arizona is that it is a school for frequent party goers. However this is completely false because there is no way to describe the type of student who attends this university. Our school is diverse, varying from foreign exchange students from China and Dubai to Native Americans. It is impossible to generalize a university because every student has a story, a life that is different and holds value. The most general student that attends this university is hardworking, passionate, determined, and curious to expand his or her horizon. This university allows us to discover different perspectives about ourselves and others while also introducing new ideas and concepts about the world. We live in a time where diversification is becoming the norm and I can proudly say that The University of Arizona is an open campus that allows for the mingling of cultures and ideas. This campus is the birthplace of new ideas and the place where dedicated students who are learning more about things they love.

Anonymous, Student, University of Arizona, Class of 2019

The type of student who attends the University of Arizona is a hardworking and dedicated person who strives for greatness but also likes to have fun.

Anonymous, Student, University of Arizona, Class of 2017

The U of A has a great science program and a large variety of majors. Conservative students should be aware that many of the professors have a strong liberal viewpoint. The school is well connected to the community.

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