What are Princeton eating clubs like? Are they an important part of Princeton social life?


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Eating clubs are precise from different schools' fraternities/sororities in that it's an area wherein its individuals dine. Some clubs offer shared meal plans, wherein some of its participants can dine in both the residential university dining halls (wherein beginners/sophomores eat) and at their respective consuming membership; but these plans are normally tough to return with the aid of, so most members consume all in their meals inside the membership. ref: best essay writing service

Daniel Day, University communicator

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Yes, eating clubs are an important part of social life at Princeton. There are 11 of them lining Prospect Street, which everyone calls "the Street." Members are juniors and seniors. There's a bit more information, as well as links to each of the club's websites, at this link: http://www.princeton.edu/main/campuslife/housingdining/eatingclubs/

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