Asked about: Odessa College

What is a typical Odessa College student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Odessa College.


Anonymous, Student, Odessa College, Class of 2017

A student that is interested in furthering their career for a better life (for themselves and others). Also one that likes to interact with others in a smaller campus.

Anonymous, Student, Odessa College, Class of 2016

Anyone who wants to earn a higher education. OC is perfect. I recommend everyone try and further their education. They have some great new improvements with the grounds and new facilities and many other updates.

Anonymous, Student, Odessa College, Class of 2016

Typical Odessa College students are fresh out of highschool and looking to transfer after earning some credits. They may not completely know what they want to do with their life, and that is why we have so many success centers and counseling options. We have online options for students who prefer to work or prefer to stick close to home, so introverted students can feel welcome too! We also have MANY adult students looking to return to the workforce with a lifechanging education. We welcome all!

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