Do you publish a school newspaper that typically shows different activities going on at the college?

If yes, is there a way that a non-student could subscribe to it? We are the grandparents of twin girls who will be freshmen at SUNY at Oneonta in Oneonta, New York this fall and we thought this could be a good way to keep up with events etc being held there. Please advise.


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At SUNY Oneonta, there is a well-established student newspaper called The State Times. They do publish a print version that is available on campus. If you'd like to inquire whether it is distributed by mail, I recommend calling the advertising office at (607) 436-2492 or email

There are also several SUNY Oneonta Twitter feeds embedded in its Noodle profile, which it is easy way to see what's going on. Twitter often functions now as a live ticker of updates about sports and other activities on campus.

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I'd be happy to help answer your question, but unfortunately I'm not sure which college you're referring to! If you have a question about a specific college, make sure your question is attached to the college's Noodle profile or that you include the name of the college in the body of your question.

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