What is a typical Mount Vernon High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Mount Vernon High School.


Anonymous, Student, Mount Vernon High School, Class of 2016

Although it seems that everywhere you look there are loud and obnoxious kids, that is merely because these are the students that attract the most attention. Over the years it seems to me that the average student has a small group of friends and a somewhat active social life, meanwhile earning Bs and Cs in school.

Anonymous, Student, Mount Vernon High School, Class of 2016

A typical African American student, such as myself, attending Mount Vernon High School is not exposed to a lot of diversity. The diversity among teachers and students is very small. I do not see a lot of people like me, and stereotypes are still common. A typical African American student like myself at MVHS must ignore the common ignorance of stereotypes and be the best student, if not better. Not having any African American teachers has played a huge roll in my learning environment. Questions such as "why are people who look like me not here" or "why am I the only African American student in my class room with a room full of Caucasians. Seeing students promoting the confederate flag or hearing jokes about being dark skinned are common, but being an educated African American student pursing a strong love for education I must keep moving forward and not let these issues step in the way of where I am heading in life, to success. I must set an example for the few American Americans that do attend MVHS and achieve what is though of by others as "the impossible" for me but by the achievable and more.

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