What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at San Diego Christian College?


Anonymous, Student, San Diego Christian College, Class of 2018

  1. Hanging out at the beach, we all love bonfires and community with each other
  2. Hiking the trails near the school
  3. Serving the community. San Diego Christian College is very involved in serving the community of Santee, CA and we,as the students, love getting involved
Anonymous, Student, San Diego Christian College, Class of 2015

Even though there doesn't seem to be a lot of time for fun... I would say the top three things is food, hair, and movies. There is always time for food... so why not combine eating and hanging to be twice as productive! Always going out to try new food places! Secondly... hair... yes hair. There is always time to do your hair and other peoples hair. Whether that be coloring, cutting or styling... there are supplied always on stand by for a spontaneous hair moment. Lastly, outdoor movie theaters is the place to be with a bunch of friends. Great way to pull an all nighter with friends!

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