What was a typical The Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend The Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville.


Anonymous, Student, The Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville, Class of 2018

The average AIT-N student in high school was absolutely the student that everyone should have made an effort to know but didn't. They were eccentric, creative, expressive, intellectual, opinionated, cultured, friendly, considerate, compassionate, tolerant; however, due to their eccentricity, they were cast as abnormal and their exceptionality unrealized. Often times they had few friends, yet these friendships were intimate, powerful and fiercely loyal. But more importantly they were exceptional people who were largely misunderstood because they refused to settle for the norms of high school culture. The type of person who should attend AIT-N is exactly the type of person I described above. It is a haven for those whose creativity has ever been stifled; a refuge for those who eccentricity was perceived as atypical and bizarre; it is an institution where those who never fit the classic high school mold realize that the qualities that set once set them apart are actually beautiful. AIT-N is for the dreamer to make those dreams a reality.

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