Would you recommend attending Eachieve Academy - Wisconsin if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Eachieve Academy - Wisconsin, Class of 2016

I would recommend eacheive, but only to those with self discipline. As I said on my last answer, if you are not disciplined you will fall behind. I speak from experience.

Anonymous, Student, Eachieve Academy - Wisconsin, Class of 2018

I might recommend it for everyone, my reasoning for attending is that I was not into many school activities, I didn't have many friends my age in any classes of mine, and this way I will be able to focus on work and my music while working at my own pace. In conclusion I would recommend eAchieve to someone who is an independent learner and doesn't quite fit in at school, but not to someone who is really involved in their public school and likes interacting with other students.

Anonymous, Student, Eachieve Academy - Wisconsin, Class of 2016

If I had the choice, I would recommend attending eAchieve Academy. I attended for all of my middle school and high school education, and I found that the school grew me in unexpected ways. I learned some very important, yet very hard lessons, about managing my time, practicing diligence, having an attitude of excellence, and exercising self-discipline. The students who do not do well at eAchieve Academy are the students who never fully learn these essential and vital lessons. I would most definitely recommend attending eAchieve Academy as the school prepares one for college and many skills that will be needed in the real world.

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