Describe the type of student who should attend Interlochen Arts Academy. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Interlochen Arts Academy, Class of 2016

The type of student that attends Interlcohen Arts Academy is passionate. They are passionate about their art form and about helping others around them. Down to earth and kind hearted. You get to excel at your art in a positive environment.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Interlochen Arts Academy

To attend IAA, one must be passionate about not only their art; but their life! If you've been to Interlochen, you know it is a magical place. The staff and faculty are there for every student to help the be the very best that they can be, however; so much more rests on the shoulders of the student. I am a senior and left all of my grade-school friends behind for this year of what i call pre-college. I live in a doem and eat cafeteria food. I ride my bike (or hike in the snow) for miles each day to get from practice room to class room to dorm room and to the exercise facility. My parents are 7 hours away by car. But they know me, they know i had what ot takes to be successful here. Each student must desire to push themselves past their comfort zone, into the world of the professional. Truly great and famous musicians have come to teach me at IAA and I am humbled and grateful to have them give so much to me, but I am the one that has to put in the work. I must be passionate about playing 5 hours a day all while maintaining high grades in my acedemically classes. I am the one who must be driven to coordinate college pre-audition recordings and I am the one who drives my college applications. The support is available and without the staff, faculty and my parents, I may have failed but if you are passionate and driven, you should attend this magical place; Interlochen Arts Academy.

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