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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Hiram College?


Anonymous, Student, Hiram College, Class of 2018

Students at Hiram have fun by joining new clubs, getting involved in intramural sports and developing new relationships through academic and extracurricular activities. Hiram offers many diverse clubs to join giving students the opportunity to continue their interests as well as finding new ones.

Anonymous, Student, Hiram College, Class of 2018

The top three thing we do are learn, teach, and have safe fun. We are able to learn through not only our Professors, but from faculty as well. Learning subjects that can help us with life or for our next assignment. Students are able to teach each other and encouraged to do so because we will comprehend the material that much more. Lastly, we are able to have safe fun, because we just like to relax and talk about life with one another (Majority of the time).

Anonymous, Student, Hiram College, Class of 2016

  1. We live in the snow belt so we have snowman building competitions.
  2. I'm on the swim team and we have team dinners once a week when we cook for each other.
  3. Going to sporting events
Anonymous, Student, Hiram College, Class of 2016

Firstly it's so easy and fun to get involved with one of the many clubs that Hiram offers; there are service groups, a Latino Awareness group, an investment club and Fine Arts society. Hiram also hosts frequent speakers and movie nights during the week and weekends which are a lot of fun. I also enjoy meeting my friends at the KC to grab some coffee and hang out. You can do homework and relax or you can play pool or Xbox360 and just have a fun relaxing time.

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