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Describe the type of student who should attend Leon High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Leon High School, Class of 2016

Any kind of student. Leon is a great Arts and Sciences schools. There is a prominent Theatre program that is open to anyone. There is a very strong and widely recognized Choral Department also open to anyone no matter financial background (due to scholarships provided by Leon Friends of Music). We also have a guitar program and steel drum department which is a rarity as funds to arts departments are get smaller. There are tons of clubs including Key Club, Anchor Club, Mosaic (the school's art club and magazine), Knitting Club, and so much more. No matter your interest you are sure to find a place at Leon. I know that from personal experience Leon has an excellent math department and an equally strong science department. If you don't know exactly what you need or where you need to be Leon also has wonderful guidance counselors that I know I have frequented when I needed help with classes and my schedule and with apply to college and understanding and trying to get financial aid. The people there are knowledgable and very helpful. One of the things that I think makes Leon unique is the wide diversity found here and the friendly environment offered to all. I know that at many other schools kids are made fun of because of disabilities or race, but at Leon I know there are several people who might be shunned or denied at other schools who have not only found friends but a small bit of popularity here. It may seem as if I stretch the truth, but I can say and attest to all these facts with my whole heart.

Anonymous, Student, Leon High School, Class of 2016

Leon High School is an old school with lots of tradition. A student that likes a lot of pride in a school that has been around awhile will really enjoy this school.'s lots to do and many clubs to belong too. It's a great school for college prep.

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