Describe the type of student who should attend Irvine Valley College. Why?



I personally enjoy going to Irvine Valley College. It's a small campus, class sizes are normal limits, and can easily get the classes you sign up for. Campus is well laid out and easily accessible. The teachers and counsellors are gracious and very helpful. IVC is a great school to go to if you are trying to figure out what to major in. I have a few I am interested in and IVC is economically easier for my parents as I work toward finding the right career path.

Anonymous, Student, Irvine Valley College, Class of 2018

A dedicated student is the type that should attend Irvine Valley College. Unlike some community colleges, IVC has professors that maintain a focus on every students success and this is reciprocated by the students themselves. With challenging curriculum and an assortment of extracurricular activities, being involved can guarantee success. Here at Irvine Valley College, a student must be ready to learn and aspire to reach high goals to benefit their future.

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