Describe the type of student who should attend Cambridge Rindge and Latin. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Class of 2016

Creative, ambitious, open-minded, and persevering. CRLS has bountiful opportunities that everyone should take a part in. Students should be a part of the arts department, trying out new things. Additionally, CRLS has rigorous courses and workload, and each student should be committed to his or her own success.

Anonymous, Student, Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Class of 2016

Cambridge Rindge and Latin (CRLS) is a school that promotes Diversity, Opportunity, and Respect, in its school motto and every day on campus grounds. These three traits are those that you can expect any student at CRLS to embody. Students and faculty are very welcoming and open to new people and new ideas. While going to school at CRLS I've felt like anything is possible for me considering the wide range of resources our school provides us with. Being a student at CRLS I have learned not only academics, but life lessons through school and the wisdom of those who have taught me there. While in school, I'm always eager to learn more and express my thoughts freely.

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