Asked about: Kean University

Describe the type of student who should not attend Kean University and explain why.



I believe no one should not be told they can not go somewhere due to the way they are. But i do believe it is up to that person's choice whether or not they liked the environment they were surrounded by or if they liked the school in general.

Anonymous, Student, Kean University, Class of 2019

If you dont like a large campus then you should not go to kean. Also if you only want to party kean is not for you because the classes can be rigorous.

Anonymous, Student, Kean University, Class of 2017

Students who are not interested in pursuing higher education, or are seeking more of a vocational setting type skill. Students who do not like diversity and do not want to work hard should not attend Kean or may not be ready for any higher education facility.

Anonymous, Student, Kean University, Class of 2019

The type of student that shouldn't attend Kean is a student that wants to party. Someone who wants college to be too easy or too hard. A student who wants to be in numerous activities and greek life and someone who wants to be socially involved in everything. The student who wants really big classes and distant professors.

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