Where can I find schools that have amazing special education programs?


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You can find amazing special education school right here on Noodle. Type your city and state into the Noodle School Locator and check the "special needs" box under the Characteristics heading on the righthand panel.

Another great option is to visit your school district's website. Oftentimes district websites list both public and private resources. Some district sites are harder to navigate than others, but usually they have a list of department under which you should find special education.

Lastly, the special education page on Noodle offers articles and expert-advice on a range of issues, including how to research schools for children with special needs.

Hopefully this helps. Finding the right school can be a daunting task, but if you ever get frustrated with the process don't hesitate to ask a follow up question. You're already ahead of the game by doing research!

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