What is a typical Nouvel Catholic Central High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Nouvel Catholic Central High School.


Anonymous, Student, Nouvel Catholic Central High School, Class of 2016

Who is Nouvel?

The typical Nouvel Catholic Central student is any person with a lot of spirit and persistence, both in the classroom and out. The only description that accurately reflects each Nouvel student as well as any person who should attend Nouvel is that they be willing to take on this atitude. Any person from any place with any beliefs can attend Nouvel Catholic Central and be welcomed into the community by their fellow peers and teachers. No student would ever be excluded by their peers because Nouvel students enjoy getting everyone involved. As far as the staff, the student to teacher ratio is about 13:1, and every teacher has a personal concern about the academic acheivement of their students as well as about their lives in general. Teachers encourage persistence in everything we do and always are avaliabe to us for help. Coaches at Nouvel have the same attitude. Nouvel knows what we as students, teammates, and individuals want to accomplish and will push us to never give up on those goals.

The family aspect is what my family and many others love about Nouvel. It is also what graduates of Nouvel say they will miss the most. Any person can be a student at Nouvel. The only defining characteristic that I believe sets a Nouvel student apart from the majority is the attitude of spirit and positivity that is so contagious.

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