Describe the type of student who should attend Wayzata High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Wayzata High School, Class of 2017

A student who is willing to be one of the many students and interact with new people everyday. Our school is so big with more than 4,000 students and every single day there will be at least one new acquaintance you can make.

Anonymous, Student, Wayzata High School, Class of 2017

Wayzata is a great school for those who are dedicated to success. Wayzata has many programs and classes for many different interests. It's very community focused and succes driven. Wayzata provides a competitive atmosphere for those who are motivated. It's aimed at improving not only knowledge, but other skills necessary to succeed in adult life. Wayzata is not only those who are naturally gifted, but helps those who aren't inclined towards education. It's a place where students aren't focused on appearance or popularity, but driven towards more important things, such as hard work and friendship. Wayzata is a place for those who wish to succeed.

Anonymous, Student, Wayzata High School, Class of 2016

The student must be punctual with assignments and to class. The student must be attentive at all times because the teacher may call on him or her at any given time.

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