Describe the type of student who should not attend University of Scranton and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, University of Scranton, Class of 2018

The University of Scranton can be slightly challenging, with its high expectations and basic mandatory volunteer services. If a student does not have the drive or self-motivation to succeed, then this school simply is not for them. They can easily put high demands on you in terms of work load and success itself. They truly want to push you beyond your limits so you can truly learn just what you can handle. It helps prepare you for the "real world" in a sense. If a student looking into the university does not possess an open mind about individuality of their fellow peers, then they need not apply. The school may be a Catholic-Jesuit institution, but it is one of the most open schools in regards to sexual orientation, gender identity and overall originality in the country. They simply do not judge you or remain completely unbiased based upon your point of view. They are there to help you, not condemn you, so students who belittle others for simply being who they are will not fit in with the community.

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