What is a typical Opelousas Senior High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Opelousas Senior High School.


Anonymous, Student, Opelousas Senior High School, Class of 2016

At Opelousas High School, there are many characters to be seen. There is no singular definition or profile of an OHS student. There are a few main categories of student at OHS. The first type of student is the quote-on-quote "gangster." Female or male, this student is part of the three percent of the population that gives OHS an unhealthy reputation. He or she curses loudly in the halls, has no regard for class time, and carries on as if school were unimportant. The next group consists of the athletes, twenty-five percent of the student body. Most of the athletes are good students; they must strive to be excellent because they will be terminated from the sport for serious offenses.The athletes are occasionally academically sound; as always, some struggle and other excel. The last group is the "nerds," which make up the final seventy-two percent. Nerds are the best people; they are studious, motivated, and outgoing. Nerds are constantly winning academic competitions, smiling down the hallways, and rushing from class to class, wasting no instructional time. If a student is considering Opelousas High School for their continuation of learning, that student should be kind, patient, and driven. Courses at OHS are quite rigorous; OHS offers an extraordinary amount of AP and Dual Enrollment courses. A sense of personal determination is required to succeed here. Patience is a virtue; when the halls are crowded, patience is the only force that keeps students from tearing each other to mere morsels of human flesh. Kindness toward students and teachers goes a long way at OHS. Teachers and students alike are more receptive to a friendly face than someone with an attitude and a cold shoulder.

Anonymous, Student, Opelousas Senior High School, Class of 2017

If you are deciding to attend Opelousas Senior High School you should be a strong and hard-working person. Going there they are expecting the best out of you. They are expecting you to maintain your grades. Yes, it might seem as if they are mean, but i'm beginning to learn that they are only like that to push us to be better in everything that we do.

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