Describe the type of student who should attend University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Why?


Anonymous, Student, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Class of 2019

Any student willing to learn and better their lives through higher education. UNLV is a highly diverse school that is judgement free and helps anybody willing to attend the institution.

Anonymous, Student, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Class of 2020

The type of student who should UNLV should be ambitious and open-minded. UNLV offers many majors and clubs for students to join in order to fulfill their goals. UNLV is also one of the most diverse campuses in the US, and students with different races and cultures attend. One should be able to open-minded to all cultures that different students may practice in their own unique ways.


I think any type of student should attend UNLV; the university is literally right next to the Las Vegas Strip and it motivates you to work hard, as well as party hard. UNLV is the second most diverse university in the nation, so there are different types of students on campus. New students who attend UNLV are guaranteed to meet another student who is attending from a different country. The diversity at this university is very interesting, which is sure to make UNLV students special.

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