Describe the type of student who should not attend Oral Roberts University and explain why.



People who should not attend Oral University:

  1. If you are any other religion, do not attend. Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc, will have a very hard time there. They're not tolerant, and they will discriminate against you. Specially if you're Muslim. They have this thought of Islam= Terrorism, even professors.

  2. If you have any liberal ideas. LGTB, Pro-choice, etc. Don't go, and if you do you won't be able to speak freely about it. And again, they will let you know you're not welcomed there.

  3. If you're Homosexual, Transexual, or any other sexuality other than straight, DO NOT attend. You won't be accepted, you won't be treated as a human being if you do.

  4. This is just something you have to take into consideration: ORU is kind of racist. They held a Trump rally and people there were very excited. Scary stuff. Most of them say Trump is the best option for America. Therefore, they agree with what he says. Half of what he says is racist. So there you go.

I was in ORU for a while, but left in less than a month because of these issues. Terrible school for anyone who wants to think outside the box and is not a 100%%%%% christian.


The student who should not attend ORU is someone who is looking for complete freedom without the restriction of several rules. If a person has not interest in God or religion, stay clear or ORU. The student who likes to party, stay out late, big of greek life should not attend of ORU. ORU is a Christian, Conservative University that sets a high standard for its students, in body, mind and spirit.

Anonymous, Student, Oral Roberts University, Class of 2019

The type of student who should not attend Oral Roberts university is someone who is not up for the challenge of a higher education. Someone who slacks off and does not act professionally or seriously about the education he or she is receiving. A person who is not intentional about the opportunity of their education would not be a good fit for ORU.

Anonymous, Student, Oral Roberts University, Class of 2019

There is no student that shouldn't attend. All should come and experience God on a whole new level. To get the opportunity to see young people, youth, their age on fire for God and what he has for them!

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