Describe the type of student who should not attend Radford University and explain why.



Someone who just wants to party and waste their parents money and put themselves into debt should not attend Redford. If you don't have goals to succeed and just wanna mess around and not attend classes i don't believe they should attend Radford.


I think Radford offers a lot to students. I think everyone should attend Radford. They're workshops to help students who do not test well and have a hard time studying. So even if high school want your thing, Radford has a way to help you in anyway they can.

Anonymous, Student, Radford University, Class of 2017

If you're going to goof off, skip classes, and generally not care about your education, don't come to Radford. We want students who want to succeed.

Anonymous, Student, Radford University, Class of 2018

A student that solely cares about grades and not the people around them. How you treat people in physical therapy school is how you will treat your patients. If you are so concerned about getting work done that you forget the person in front of you, then you lost the whole point of being a physical therapist.

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