Describe the type of student who should attend Purdue University-Main Campus. Why?



Purdue Main Campus is a big school, so big that it basically is the town of West Lafayette! Students who attend here should be able to thrive in a fast-paced, sometimes crowded environment. But they should also be excited about all of the great opportunities that being at a large university brings, like networking, amazing speakers, and many, many fun events!

Anonymous, Student, Purdue University-Main Campus, Class of 2018

Anyone interested in agriculture or engineering should consider Purdue, although it is a good school for any major. Most Purdue students are kind and inclusive. There is also a lot of Greek life at Purdue so anyone interested in that should consider applying here

Anonymous, Student, Purdue University-Main Campus, Class of 2019

Any type of student should attend Purdue University. It is such a diverse campus with any opportunities that you wish for. There is a club for anything you want and joining gives you another group of people to be friends with that are a lot like you. Purdue offers many different help facilities to go to if you need help with school, or are feeling homesick. The campus is huge with many people on it, but when you start meeting your friends, it starts to feel like home and begins to feel smaller and smaller.

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