What is a typical Early College High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Early College High School.


Anonymous, Student, Early College High School, Class of 2017

Students at Early College High School are individuals who like to take opportunities. This high school enables us to attend a college nearby and graduate with two years of college. Students overall are hardworking, possess leadership skills, and are capable of finding solutions to situations at hand. The type of person that should attend ECHS must have the want to learn and succeed. They should be open minded to working with others outside their comfort zone as well as working independently.

Anonymous, Student, Early College High School, Class of 2016

Actually, it's really hard to find one way to describe all the types of students that make up our student body! Some of our kids are athletes, so they go to one of the comprehensive high schools after class to make practices and games. Other kids are gamers, so they spend a lot of their time playing games on their computers. There are quite a few artistic students here, which is great, because we get to see all the work they come up with. A lot of musicians play instruments around campus when hey get the chance. Some people are really good at communicating and representing other students, and so they spend their time with student government (that's me!). Generally, our students are dedicated and hardworking, and that would probably be one of the only ways I'd be able to describe all of us with one phrase.

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