Is Jesselee Laue still a 6th grade student there this year?


Anonymous, find 6th grade student

he moved there from Paynesville elem. school he is my friend. trying to find him and want to know how hes doing.?

Jesse Laue, I am the person in which ur wondering about

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Hey it’s me... I am the person your looking for.. I am currently in Minnesota... I lived in South Dakota for a while too.. and I do remember Paynesville... the school mascot was the bulldogs. I am doing fine... if you wish to talk to me I am available... I’m surprised people from Payne’s I’ll still remembered me... it’s been so long..

Tracy Jennings, Works at Noodle and here to help!

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Thanks for Noodle for your education search — we seek to help people make better decisions about their education. Unfortunately, I can't find any information on the Internet about where your friend goes to school. Your best bet is to call the school and explain your situation. You can find the number to call by visiting the school's profile on Noodle. Good luck!

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