What is a typical Helena High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Helena High School.


Anonymous, Parent of student at Helena High School

A typical student is very much like any other school in the USA. They dress like they just crawled out of bed with very little attention to personal appearance.

Anonymous, Student, Helena High School, Class of 2016

Helena High is a mysterious school. For some reason it is impossible to make it out of there without suffering from depression and anxiety. However, in the moment everyone is very good at covering their real emotions and being happy and quite participatory in school. The average student is outgoing, loves going to sporting events to support their school, and dabbles in education just enough to look good for colleges, but still have a thriving social life. A student should come to Helena High if they want a school to be proud of for coming together, and love meeting new friends and being part of the winning school for sports.

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