Would you recommend attending North Hollywood Senior High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, North Hollywood Senior High School, Class of 2017

Yes, I would recommend it because it is a great school with many programs to help any student succeed in high school and get into college. They have a variety of academies, such as the HSAS or Home Engineering programs, and they also have Magnet programs, like the Highly Gifted Magnet or the Zoo Magnet. They have college preparation programs, such as Upward Bound, Project Steps, or Talent Search, that help students by offering tutoring, taking them on college tours, preparing them for important tests like the SAT or ACT. The teachers are also very helpful in preparing us for AP tests or even just teaching us any subject. North Hollywood also has a great athletics department offering Basketball, Soccer, Football, Golf, etc. We also have many cool clubs such as the Robotics Club, Academic Decathalon, Speech and Debate, Key Club, Cyber Patriots, etc. Overall, we are very connected students and we form very strong friendships.

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