Which 3 extracurricular activities at Mission High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Mission High School, Class of 2016

The first extracurricular activity that I think is the most popular at Mission High School would be the After School Program that overlooks the many clubs we have at school. They host all of our assemblies, by doing that they bring our school community together. They give out free suppers to students; mainly for the student athletes and the low-income students who can't afford to buy food. It's a pretty nice program. Many of our youth leaders are part of it, showing their leadership skills at special events. This extracurricular activity is the core of our school, bringing together every student from different backgrounds as one. Even though I'm not part of this program, I can see the unity of our school community through assemblies and events. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone and make friends. This program really builds up your public speaking skills. I recommend it very much because I have friends who have joined it and their skills progressed a lot. The second extracurricular activity that I think is the most popular at Mission High School would be ASAP, which stands for Athletic Scholars Advancement Program. This program is located at our school, open to all athletic students on campus. The program helps athletic students succeed in school and on their way to college by providing free college mentor who helps them view over their personal statements and/or any other college requirements. I've been part of this program ever since my freshmen year, now I'm a senior. It has been some years already. I look back on it now. It has been pretty memorable with the free summer sports camp that ASAP supports and other academic summer programs. ASAP has done a lot for me the past few years and I recommend this program to anyone because ASAP is open to anyone, not just student athletes. Anyone who is interested in going to a sport(s) camp or academic camp or getting help with personal statement, ASAP is there for you, and it does not even cost one cent. ASAP pays for it all, and it's a wonderful program that anyone should get a hold of. The last extracurricular activity that I think is most popular at Mission High School would be the Build On club. I chose this club because this club is part of a bigger organization that promotes to help better the community through many Saturday events at local food shelters, food banks, etc. Build On is everywhere. One at almost every school in the SF, some differ from ours, but aim for the same goal. I'm part of this club and I see the effect it has on the community. Build On is a great club for students who like to help others, especially in the community. I liked the mood of the club because it does not just stay in the city, but goes out to a different part of the world. You get chosen to go to a foreign country and help build schools in rural areas. It's an experience that I've have yet experience, but I see the effect it has in those villages. A school being built in rural areas to teach kids is a good thing and a rewarding experience to keep. I recommend this program, too because it is a really satisfying thing to do every Saturday. I mean, aside from waking up in the morning and commuting to the event location, the feeling once you give a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the homeless and seeing them smile is one of the most beautiful thing you'll see. This club better the community, a lot, in many different ways. I enjoy it, and I hope others can join this club or a similar club that aims the same goal.

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