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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Babson College?


Anonymous, Student, Babson College, Class of 2018

We are a very small school, so your individual attention and needs is cared for. All the students have a similar goal that involves business and entrepreneurship, making it easier to relate to everyone around you. Babson has an immense network of alumni and students that spans across many different industries.

Anonymous, Student, Babson College, Class of 2017

  1. If a student wants to be a well-rounded business student, Babson is the school for him/her as he/she will be fully immersed in the business world as a result of the mandatory courses we have to take such as finance, accounting, marketing, operations etc.

  2. The support from the peers, staff and faculty is unbelievably strong. These people are always ready and available to be a resource when it comes to a student's interest.

  3. Major business companies, recognize the potential of Babson students, as a result they recruit heavily at our school. In addition, our Career Development Center, works tediously to assist students in receiving internships/job which are generally career boosters.

Anonymous, Student, Babson College, Class of 2018

Babson college is a business school that provides students with hands on work, such as starting their own business for class. Babson is also know for their excellence in their business curriculum and their abundance of resources to get students to excel in both academics and work. Also, Babson is a small school located right outside of Boston. Students get both the small town quiet experience, and also the big city experience.

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