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What's the difference between International Montessori schools and American Montessori schools? Is there a difference?


Emily Shapiro, Former Manhattan preschool director, Masters in Early Childhood Education

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The original training organization for Montessori teachers was the one set up by Maria Montessori herself, and then led by her son. This was the Association Montessori Internationale, known as AMI. The American Montessori Society (AMS) is an offshoot of AMI. AMI schools maintain a strict, "pure" interpretation of Montessori, following Maria Montessori's methods as closely as possible. AMS was set up to adapt Montessori education to America, and continues to be more open to change. For example, an AMS school might incorporate computers and similar technologies, while an AMI school would be unlikely to do so. In general, AMS schools are more open to bringing in practice from other approaches that they feel are compatible with Montessori education.

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