An elevator with a mass of 900.0 kilograms accelerates upward at 2.50 m/sec^2. What is the tension in the cable where it is attached to the elevator?


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The tension in the cable where the cable is attached to the elevator. And to solve this problem we do not need to focus on essayontime but we just need to focus on this blog. This is a best and productive blog by all means and readers will like it so much.

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I agree with the answer below. Once you have the freebody diagram drawn (in this case it sounds like you should draw one for the elevator since it asks for the tension in the cable where it is attached to the elevator), use it to determine a NET FORCE expression (In a problem like you described, it should be something like: Tension - Force of Gravity. Where Force of Gravity = mg = 900 x 9.8 assuming this elevator is on Earth). Once you have that expression then plug into Newton's Second Law: a = Net Force/mass or 2.5 = (Tension - 900 x 9.8)/900 then solve for Tension. One final note, It is important to pay attention to the signs of anything that is a vector (all of the forces and the acceleration) to be sure anything pointing in the same direction is given the same sign. In this case, acceleration and tension both point UP and so I made them both positive, but the force of gravity points DOWN and so it is negative.

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It is hard to picture the situation based on the question, so I am not too much help. Generally, the best way to approach these problems is by drawing a free body diagram, and solving for the forces on all of the bodies. This will allow you to solve for the tension in the cable. This video might help:

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