I'm post graduated from the dept. of philosophy, how can I get the chance to obtain an MPhil/PhD from a U.S. university? I'm an international student. TOEFL is granted? GRE is not possible for me. I'm seeking a full free scholarship. Is that possible to get? Please let me know the procedure.


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That really depends on where you want to study. You should try using our new Grad School Search to find schools that offer philosophy programs that match your needs. You will then need to contact the school's Admissions Office with any specific questions. You should be aware though that a lot of schools have a limited amount of financial aid in the form of institutional grants/scholarships for international students. Instead, grants/scholarships are based on a combination of financial need and academic merit.

In saying that, the are a lot of Outside Scholarships available, which you can find using the IEFA's Scholarship Search. You can filter your search based on what you want to study, where you want to study and where you're from to get the most relevant results. Good luck with your search!

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