Describe the type of student who should not attend Tallahassee Community College and explain why.



Student's who like big classes would not be Well suited for TCC. The campus and classes are intentionally small to help first time students to have an easier time adjusting into the college setting.For students well adjusted to the College setting and who love being on a big campus with a large population, Tcc would not be the best choice. Student's who also like the idea slacking off would also not do well at TCC. The teacher's (while kind,and friendly) will not except mediocrity. That means respect at all times, and doing all of your work to the best of your ability

Anonymous, Student, Tallahassee Community College, Class of 2018

I do not think anyone should be denied to attend an institution if they are serious about their education. Tallahassee Community College is option to almost anyone who applies! This college is commonly used for a stepping stone for those students who are looking to save money in the long run. It is also great for students who just want to "dip their toes" into the waters of education. One can take a course or two and not be overwhelmed by the price; or, one can take sixteen credit hours and still feel the same. Education should not be denied to anyone who wants to attend this college. A community college is there to help guide students into furthering their education even beyond their college (a University). If a student is mature enough to attend orientation, register for courses, and pay the money, they should be able to attend Tallahassee Community College.

Anonymous, Student, Tallahassee Community College, Class of 2017

The type of student who should not attend Tallahassee Community college is one who doesn’t want change, you must embrace ups and lows all through life and it will always be a struggle. You will always have different obstacles to overcome. People who believe in luck shouldn’t attend college because luck is an external locus of control which puts blame on others. You are responsible for your success in life. People who do not want to go to the Learning Commons or go to office hours should not attend. That is the whole point to Tallahassee Community College. They are there to help you succeed and to provide more knowledge then ever before. Moving away from home is a big deal for most. Absolutely if you are receiving no support and pursuing your dreams on your own. It makes it that much more worth it though. If you do not want to pursue your dreams with help from classmate, professors or advisors. Then I would say Tallahassee Community College is not for you.

Anonymous, Student, Tallahassee Community College, Class of 2017

The type of student who should not attend TCC is one who wants to party and who doesnt care about a quality education

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