This is the first time I am going to be living with a roommate. What are some insiders tips you have to getting along? What resources does New York University have to resolve roommate conflicts?


James Miille, NYU student

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First of all, I don’t want to sugar coat this: there is a very good chance that you will not like the people you live with. It is completely random your first year, and you might end up with someone that you simply do not get along with. Just keep in mind that there’s going to be something that annoys you about everyone, and it will help you be more open to living with strangers. Communicate any issues with your roommate, it will certainly help avoid a lot of conflict. Make a clear cleaning schedule so that no one is left doing all the chores. If you’re having serious problems with your roommate or suitemates, one of you can always sign up to do a bed-for-bed with someone else, where you would essentially switch rooms. On the flip side, your roommate could end up being your best friend! If they aren’t, then you will surely find other friends if you just put yourself out there.

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