What is the dress code?


Anonymous, I would like to be sure what she can wear.

My daughter has wore the same pants that she has all year but they were called JEGGINGS today. Why would this happen I would say at least 1/2 of the girls had the same thing on. Her pants had pockets and a zipper that's all I was told they had to have.

Alister Doyle, Did some research

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Here is the school's Student Handbook, the dress code policy is on page 12:

The following standards are specific to VHS:

  1. Shirts & tops (male & female) must have sleeves and be properly fastened.
  2. All shirts & tops must be tucked in if they reach below the pockets, except sweatshirts and sweaters; those that will not remain tucked must not be worn to school.
  3. Hems of skirts, dresses, and pants must come to the student’s knees when standing.

Note: During the cold-weather months of November-February, button down shirts worn as jackets are permitted as long as they are worn unbuttoned so the shirt underneath can be readily seen to be tucked in.

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