Why does Noodle call this school Upper Middle Class? Where does this data come from? Not to be rude, but my friend went here, and I don't believe this is true. Belleville is a factory town, so I think it's regular middle class.


Rivkah Carl, Data Analyst

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Great question! Please check out the explanation for our Noodle Ratings for K12 schools, https://www.noodle.com/ratings. The "Household Income" is determined by U.S census data. It is calculated based on average income in the school's surrounding area or zipcode. Based on these values, Noodle is able to distinguish between various public schools. As new census data is released, we update our measures and ratings appropriately.

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Anonymous, OP

Jillian Youngblood and Rivkah Carl, thank you for your answers. I understand but that does seem unfair. This is not a wealthy district, but calling it upper middle class, comparing it to wealthy districts, then giving it 2/5 seems like a disservice to the hard-working teachers, administrators, and students there. If the data is not correct, shouldn't you just remove this field rather than acknowledge it is wrong in a comment and not change it?

Jillian Youngblood, Director of Community Relations at Noodle

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Thanks for your question. While this data is largely accurate nationwide, it does have some problems. We are working on an update that will improve the accuracy of our income data.

Anonymous, OP

But according to the ratings link, that directs me to census for zip code 48111, and that district has a household income of $52k/year. But the upper middle class starts at $80k/year. Also, this school's data says they have 40% qualifying for free lunch, and one of the schools is 70% free lunch, so this does not seem right.

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