Hello...I am looking in to transfer my daughter now...do you have any available seats in your class Kindergarten?


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Here's a response from Elizabeth Nessner, an asst. principal at Sheridan. Unfortunately, they do not offer a way to transfer:

"As a magnet school, we follow admission procedures as set for by the Chicago Public School's Department of Access and Enrollment. Prospective parents can apply to our school during a pre-determined application window which opens on October 1st and closes mid-December each year.

The application process for the upcoming school year closed this past December 13th, 2013. All prospective students must apply during this window in order to be considered for acceptance. We usually amass over 500 applications for around 30 spots for Kindergarten...this past year we had over 550 applications for 29 spots. Unfortunately, most applicants will not get into our school based on the large number of applications received and the limited number of seats available.

More information regarding the application process can be found by contacting the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773-553-2061 or online at http://www.cpsoae.org."

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