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“Getting a band score 8 or 9 in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is way too difficult,” this is what you may hear from many of the candidates who have already taken the test but have not managed even to get a band score of 5 or 6. So, do you really think it is true? To be honest, it is true that it is difficult to get such a score but it is not impossible.

To help you succeed in your IELTS , we have come up with some useful tips.

Randomly picked IELTS Tips

  • First, be confident of your own self. Develop ‘I-can-succeed’ type of attitude in you.
  • Get to know more about IELTS – everything about the modules, the type of the questions you are going to get in each of the reading, writing, speaking and listening test.
  • Listen to sample audios, look at the reading passages, writing tasks and recorded videos on sample speaking sessions.

  • Try to focus on building your reading skills. Read to improve yourself, improve vocabulary, knowledge of common idioms and phrases.

  • If you are weak at grammar then learn more about it first from the masters or you can enroll for some grammar classes to strengthen your English.

  • Improve listening skills. You can watch movies or listen to popular English shows on BBC, VOA etc.
  • During the test, listen carefully, do not just focus on the questions only.
  • There will be pauses in the recordings so use the time to understand the question before you proceed to the next recording. Never ever change the order of the answers.
  • Changing the order might lead to deduction in score. Never submit the test paper before you check it thoroughly.
  • During reading test, it is not necessary to read the passage from start to the end. It is recommended that you should read it cursorily.
  • It would be good to take a look at the questions and then at the passage as this can help you pinpoint and answer. This way you save time which often goes into struggling for a clue in the passage for the particular question.
  • It is needed to write as guided in the Writing Test. Exceeding the word count is not recommended. Always limit your answers to just 150 or 250 words for Task I and Task II.
  • Do not make use of difficult, hard-to-understand or more complicated words. This might heavily affect your score. Try to write in simple sentences, simple words. Link your ideas, thoughts in a proper way. Do not just go haphazardly.
  • At the time of speaking test, speak as slowly and distinctly as possible. Remember, speaking fast is not fluency. Speaking in an understandable manner with right, simple-to-understand words is fluency.
  • Speaking fast, you may confuse the interviewer. And there are also chances that you go wrong when you speak fast.
  • If the interviewer asks you any question then answer in full. Do not just answer by Yes or No.
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The International English Language Testing System (or IELTS) assesses test-takers' ability to listen to, read, speak, and write English. Universities in countries like America, Canada, and the United Kingdom may require it of applicants. This is one very compelling reason to prepare for the IELTS - your college application may depend on it!

Like most standardized exams, the IELTS has a very specific format and structure. Your band result is thus a measure of two items - your ability to utilize the English language, and your ability to employ IELTS-specific strategies. The best way to determine which strategies work for you is to practice with and prepare for the test several months in advance.

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