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We are looking for a school that serves students with Dyslexia. Does Halcyon fit this profile and what can you tell us about the program at Halcyon?


Christine Larusso, Community Editor

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Halycon Learning is a tutoring center based out of San Francisco, California. The center follows the Orton/Gillingham methodology, which takes a multi-sensory, kinesthetic, and phonics based approach to help dyslexic students. Bill Baldyga, the owner of Halycon, struggles with dyslexia himself. He describes his background as follows: "I have an M.Ed. in Early/Elementary Education from Antioch University and a B.F.A. in Fine Art from San Francisco Art Institute. I earned my educational therapy certification from UCSC and have professional standing with the Association of Educational Therapists, conferred after 1500 hours of certified practice, and have been certified with the California Multi-subject and Single Subject Teaching Credential. I have more than 400 hours of training in Orton/Gillingham based academic language instruction at the Greenwood Institute w/ Louisa Moats and Mike Minsky and at the Durango Mountain Camp w/ Joyce Bilgrave."

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