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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Lyon College?


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LEAP covers all things outdoors, but unless you are a "joiner" (Greek life or SGA) the options are rather limited.

Anonymous, Student, Lyon College, Class of 2016

Students at Lyon College have an abundance of activities to do for fun! Some of our top events include our Student Activity Council's Bingo night where we have the chance to win amazing prizes, go to cheer on our teams at sports events, or participate on some of the many clubs we have on campus!

Anonymous, Student, Lyon College, Class of 2016

Student Government Association sponsors many activities. Student run organizations such as Art Student League and SPECTRA Alliance host movie screenings. Of course, there are the occasional parties thrown by the fraternities.

Anonymous, Student, Lyon College, Class of 2016

There are usually parties on weekends. We hang out in the game room and bistro, or just chill with each other in the dorms, playing video games or whatever.

Anonymous, Student, Lyon College, Class of 2017

Attend Student Activities Council (SAC) events, attend sports games, hang out in our student game room

Anonymous, Student, Lyon College, Class of 2016

At Lyon college, students tend to participate in Student Activity Council events, attend Greek events, and support the athletic department by attending sporting events.

Anonymous, Student, Lyon College, Class of 2018

The top 3 things at Lyon include LEAP (Lyon education and adventure program), anything Greek (even if not involved with Greek life), and any other clubs on campus

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