Is Stanford competitive?


Ryan Cooke, Alumnus

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I assume your question applies to academics, and I hesitate to answer with a flat-out yes. Like many top-tier schools, very few people fail; the grading curve accommodates most students and professors have open-door office hours to give extra help. However you may believe your peers are smarter and more disciplined than you, I certainly felt like I struggled just to keep my head above the water. I came from an atmosphere where I was one of the top students but at Stanford felt below average. This is a testament to the quality of students Stanford admits and how hard they work while being there.

If you do get the same impressions, my advice is to disregard them. Looking back I absorbed a lot of knowledge even in classes I got bad grades, and after a few years of professional experience noone cares about your GPA.

Jatindas Gupta, Well, it depends

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Well, it depends on what the class is. I've heard more than a few students complain endlessly about the difficulty and competition in the class. Students can sometimes be a bit too competitive, and that'd go along with the whole duck mentality bit and such. But overall, people generally say that Stanford's environment is rather cooperative. Please also visit: SEO Experts India Reviews

Mohan Singh, thanks

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