Describe the type of student who should attend Rockwood Summit High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Rockwood Summit High School, Class of 2016

Summit is a public high school located in Fenton, Missouri. My parents thought long and hard about where to send me to further my education. Summit has an accelerated math program which allowed me to take algebra, geometry, and algebra 2/trig while I was in middle school. I completed calculus 1&2, AP Stats, during my freshman and sophomore year, and I have completed every math course the AP curriculum offers. This in turn allowed me to take and complete many of the AP science courses; AP Physics 1,2,3, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science. I also completed six other AP courses to go along with those. I am a member of one of the best bands in Missouri, and the Midwest. Summit strives to be the best, and people have moved their children to Fenton for that reason alone. Summit offers something for everyone, for example my sister is a member of the bio-diesel club, and they started growing crops on their "tiny farm" on campus. She also is a member of the cancer fighter club, and she is also helped create a local chapter of "make-a-wish" on campus. I have friends serving on the newspaper and yearbook committees, and both of these are nationally ranked. We have the defending National Teacher of the Year on staff. I could go on, but I will miss Summit. Summit is like a big family in which can only be explained like this. Last night, my father and I just wanted to see the last home wrestling meet and so we attended. The wrestlers honored veterans and first-responders first with a parade and the pep band played for them. Thinking of others, and being unselfish is the Summit way.

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