What was your experience at this school?


Noel Ramos, High school student from 2003-2007

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I had an average experience at this school. New Utrecht provided a typical high school experience I can't really complain about. The education was definitely there, it was just up to the student to choose to learn it. The teachers did give me the impression that they cared. I would say any student that did pay attention in class was definitely prepared for any state exams that we needed to take.

The football field for Phys Ed class was huge, so there was definitely enough breathing room for playing sports. They offered weight training classes which I opted for every semester, so if you aren't fond of sports like me, you always had that option.

When I was there, each period was 45 minutes with 3 minutes to get to class, however the schedules were odd for freshman students. Most of us came in from 9:30AM and stayed until 4:30PM which felt odd coming from a school that would start from 8:30AM to 3:00PM.

I was also placed in the Sports Medicine field which was a replacement for any elective classes you wanted to take. Rather than taking something like shop classes, you would take classes about health education. I wasn't interested in this field at all, but it served its purpose.

All in all the experience I had was not something extraordinary, but it wasn't bad either.

Terry Gatton, in a high school....

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JustinPerker, Nice Playground School Campus

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Richard, it was my own experience

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Beulah Erin, great resource to learn about education post

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The New Utrecht High school and as indicated by my experience it is a great educational institute. There is an extensive variety of games which incorporate badminton, ball, swimming, football, soccer, volleyball, rocking the bowling alley, wrestling and baseball played at the school. Alongside this the school likewise has exceptionally qualified teachers which help you assignment help to the do well to achieve your academic goals. The school likewise has numerous enjoyable clubs which add the chess club , robotics and English literature club accessible .

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