What school is better for someone who wants to go into Finance, NYU Stern or Chicago Booth?


Jessica Burlingame, Senior Admissions Consultant, The MBA Exchange®

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There's not a bad choice here! Both Booth and Stern, as you know, offer extraordinary opportunities to students interested in finance (not to mention many other fields).

To help our clients make smart decisions about which schools to apply to and attend, The MBA Exchange consulting team considers each person's individual criteria, along with industry preferences. A partial list of important criteria would include each client's:

  • Desired geography post-MBA
  • Focus within the broader industry
  • Size of student body
  • Program format
  • Industry alumni network

Tailoring your decisions to your own unique priorities will support you in making the best choices regarding your MBA studies, and researching each school in depth is always to your benefit. You're starting strong with these two options, though, whichever direction you choose!

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