What is the testing process for Kindergarten?


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Any New York City student entering kindergarten through third grade is eligible to be participate in testing for Gifted and Talented (G&T) programs. Children are accepted into these programs based on their scores on these tests, although the entry score is differs among schools and programs.

The NYC Department of Education lays out the following process for testing:

  1. Apply for testing by completing a Request For Testing (RFT) form.
  2. Take the test on the test date that you are given.
  3. Receive notice of eligibility in April.
  4. Apply to G&T programs, if eligible.

There are two types of G&T programs:

  1. District G&T programs are in district elementary schools. They begin in kindergarten and end in the school's terminal grade.

  2. There are also city-wide programs that admit students equally from all boroughs without district-based priority.

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